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On a very cold February afternoon in 2018 the news was full of people hurting people all around the world.

“A Song For Everyone,” is really the feelings from my heart in that moment. My feelings for humanity.


As I watched the news that day I felt so helpless and lost in the horrors that were being thrust upon humans by humans. 

I remember so clearly thinking If I could just write a song for everybody. If I could only find the words that might make people stop just for a moment and think, maybe even feel that there is still hope. 

I also thought, who am I to think I could actually make a difference. What can one person do, it’s hopeless. I felt hopeless. 

The words to this song came quickly and spoke to all of those thoughts I was having. It felt good to write and good to play and sing. The song did make a difference, at least to me and I was happy with that.

I can’t say why for sure but I did not expect the reaction I received from the audience the first time I played it at an open mic. I was quite overwhelmed by folks who went out of their way to make sure they came over to tell me that they really liked the message and enjoyed the song. It wasn’t until I saw this happen several times that I thought perhaps I should record it.

When we were all hit with 2020 and fear and uncertainty came into our lives like never before, I felt it would be a good message to share with whomever listened to it, wherever they were. It was an easy decision to make that this would be the first single I would release.

Soon I will be releasing my first music video. It is only fitting that it is for this song. A song for everyone.


Take a listen!

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